Richard & Ina Balash Scholarship

Purpose: To award a scholarship to students in the middle grade point range

“We want to reward students that have mid-level GPA’s as well as those that did well in their senior year even though their grade point averages were low in previous years,”  Richard Balash said.  Ina Balash added, “Our goal is to see that students In Senior High School have the opportunity to develop a path to successful and rewarding careers.”

— Richard & Ina Balash

The Richard & Ina Balash (RIB) Scholarship was created in 2003 by Richard and Ina Balash. It was their belief that most scholarships were available to high grade point students as well as some low grade point students based on low income or particular family situations. The RIB scholarship was aimed therefore to include students in the middle grade point range.   

— Graduating seniors living within boundaries of or attending Kentwood and Kentlake HS(including Private and Home Schools)

— Pursuing Business or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) career

— Selected college or trade school must be in Washington state

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