Community Partner Scholarships

2019 Community Scholarship & Scholar Event

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Online college scholarships open now!  Deadline to submit scholarships March 24, 2023.


  • Rotary Club of KentRotarians have served the greater Kent Community since 1958.  For more than 40 years, Kent Rotary has awarded scholarships to graduates of the Kent School District, both for academic achievement and for pursuit of career and technical education.  This year’s international theme for Rotary is “Be the Inspiration”.  
  • Kent Sunrise Rotary believes that investing in our community’s youth is a paramount responsibility.  Developing a service-above-self mindset begins early life, and the Rotary ethic of selflessness drives all that happens in Rotary.  Sunrise Rotary Club has provided, since 2008, scholarships for students pursuing an education in a two or four year vocational/technical program (welder, electrician, nurses aid, ultrasound or X-ray technician, equipment operators, etc.).  In honor of the life and dedication of long-time Kent Sunrise Rotary member Marge Williams, Kent Sunrise Rotary has reformulated our annual scholarship to be the “Marge Williams Memorial Scholarship” designated for a student seeking vocation/technical education.
  • Kent Area PTSA Council’s mission is to provide leadership development, information and community services to the local PTA leaders at PTA’s in Kent School District schools, so we can collectively support the education and well-being of every child in the district.
  • Valley Girls & Guys – was originally formed in 2007 by Tina McDonough as a 3-Day walking team to raise money and to support the Susan G. Komen 3-day Walk for a Cure, in honor of her friend, Michelle. The group is a 501(c)3 non-profit.
    Valley Girls & Guys has now expanded their efforts to all cancers and has recently transitioned to lavender for “all cancers.”
    Valley Girls and Guys are actively raising money year round to not only fight cancer, but to help patients and their families during treatment. We are changing and saving lives EVERY DAY!
  • Emiko Craig Scholarship  – Administered by Kent School Foundation whose mission is to engage with families, educators, businesses and the broader community to fund innovative and supportive learning opportunities for every student in the Kent School District.  They have taken on a new role, to evaluate and award The Emiko Craig scholarship, which was created from the love of the “Arts”. Emiko enjoyed attending  plays at Kent School District high schools. Her legacy supports students in pursuing the arts. 

    Scholarship qualifications are:  Applicant must be a current Kent School District student eligible for graduation in this school year with the intent of majoring in any of the arts (performing arts/fine arts/music: literature, drama, film, television, drawing, painting, sculpture, vocal/instrumental music, etc.)