Little Free Pantries

The Kent Community Partners are excited to bring Little Free Pantries to Greater Kent area.

“LITTLE FREE PANTRIES activate neighbor engagement of food insecurity by addressing immediate and local needs!   While they don’t intend to replace food banks, these pantries work alongside traditional models and offer a zero-barrier access point to food and help fill the gaps in the system.

The opportunity for culturally relevant and healthy food access is possible through this direct giving, by neighbors and for neighbors.  In the creation of micro-communities within neighborhoods and through the common action of giving and receiving, there is a mutual benefit felt by all involved.”

Pantries come in two sizes, the small for neighbors supporting neighbors and the large for placement at community centers, churches and other community organizations.  Both pantries require a pantry host that is willing to connect with neighbors to get everyone on board to help keep the pantry regularly stocked.

More information on how to support the Greater Kent Area efforts to bring Little Free Pantries to our communities, coming soon.

For more information on Greater Kent/Little Free Pantry project:
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